Friday, July 1, 2022

What People should not put on Kids shows

 I watch the New Baymax Series And I saw a Gay Copule asking on a date and a Girl talking about having her period they should not put that on Kids shows. 

I love Big Hero 6  but as when the new show Byamax came along in  a way it has not been then same because Wasabi Gogo,Honey Lemon and Fred are not in the new Baymax series whhich I do not care about as long as Hiro is in it I am happy.  

But the thing is kids shows are started to get more like adult shows.  I also read that they say Men can have they cycles which is not true that is not the way God disigned it ! I want the old Big Hero 6 back!!! and I hope they do not talk about that in Big Hero 7!!!

Like  Fairly odd Parent They say only The boy Fairy has the Baby and Wanda did not get pregant only Cosmo and this is what I mean they are confusesing kids of saying men can give birth not women which is a lie Wanda is the one that is supposed to be pregnant on the show not Cosmo.

Even my father said "Boys don't have babys only girls do." Disney and Nickelodeon I love those channels and all but they are just taking it to far with stuff that they know they should not but inaporpiate stuff on TV.

Like Seame Street and They talked about death and my Mom said "Well thats different then talking about your period on a Kids show Kids might have to know about death in that age." yeah but still kids do not need to know about that until they get older.

They also should Gay coulpes a cartoon names Arthur and The Loud House Why would they put that on pre -K shows or on childrens shows. Is one thing they but it on Adult shows but on Kids shows thats taking it to far!!!

If Nickeledeon and Dsiney and any kids channels keeps it up the should not be channels any more!!!

I making a channel called Kam Lon that is for 3D cartoons and Animation one day and the other Slimo is simliar to Nickledeon but except it has more slime. Musicala is a channel for Muscial cartoons and Fairy winkle is for fairy tales only.

None of my channel are allowed to have Gay couples,Talking  about Cycles and stuff like that and if any body that put that on my channels Thay but fired for sure!!!!

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