Saturday, February 3, 2024

Youtuber Dads That destroys Kids Video Games

 Today I am writing about Youtuber dads That destroy there Kids Video Games. One is called Psyco Dad and Another called Lunatic Dad and The other Angry Grandpa.

What these youtube show have in common is there have dads that Destroy there sons Video Games and The moms are clam and layed Back And I hope there are not coping each other I mean one of those Youtbers are coping somebody.

The Psyco Dad video with the kid named Jesse and his name is McJuggernugget and The son from Angry Grandpa is Pickle Boy.

Me and one of my friends watch those video. There are Other video that are simliar like those WIlliam Videos and he is very violent and Steven Waffle Pwn.

I thing people could  watch these video on Youtube and My frieneds parents know about these Youtubers and my parents doesn't yeah I did Meantion it to my parents but maybe there will know once I put it on my blog.

And Psyco Dad and Angry Grandpa in one episode did meet each other. There shold have a video where Lunatic Dad,Angry Grandpa and Psyco and all the other Youtuber Dads that destroy there kids video games and they all meet.  I think the fathers are more aggressive then the mothers because My parent said " that men are more agressive them women." 

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