Saturday, October 7, 2023

Reflect the Disney short


Reflect is  a Disney short of a Plus size ballerina and Disney has is first chubby main character on Disney plus. The Character that is the plus size Ballerina is named Bianca and this character reminds me of a cartoon version of Lizz Howell.

This charatcer will teaches overweight people that they can be ballrinas and some people my say there to fat to be a ballerina it's not about weight it's technique what matters.

For example like you can be very strong and no know how to fight and you can be not so strong and beat the stronger person in a fight or you can be tall and not be a good basketball player and you can be not so tall and be a better basket ball player then the taller person.

Strenth,Height and weight don't matter is what how mush you practice matters and that is when the  technique comes in.

I like how Disney is not started a female cartoon character that happens to be over weight and be a great dancer at the some time. I saw this cartoon  today and I read not it's on Disney Plus. I hope that can make a movie about this cartoon.

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