Thursday, June 5, 2014

Meeting Famos People

Today will be talking about me meeting famous people.
Before I don't known if there were famous until my father told me.
He works at the Jackson tax office and they had a concert with Mr.Edward Jackson playing the saxophone on stage.
and One time I was Singing and people gave me money I met Tom Brown Many of times  and Paul er Maya at Mr.Jackson concert that not all I met Gordan From Sesame Street and Nat and Alex Wolff from the Naked Brother Band .
I went  to Nickelodeon world wide day of play because I was by my self in the house for years.
At Nickelodeon day of play I met the work from Sanjay and Craig I attack him do they know me and he said maybe because he wants me to have my fantasy and I was on TV at Nickelodeon day of play
and also months  ago my dad was on TV to get more money.

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