Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bratz Dolls

Today will be talking about Bratz Dolls.
When I went to a special needs school I liked playing with Barbie but the teachers said I'm to old for Barbie dolls.

I ask theme can I play with Bratz dolls and they said yes Because they have a lot of make up my favorite Bratz dolls are the blond hair one most girl my dad told me that most girls want to play with the Blond dolls.
Also girls my them selves more white with blonde hair.
I saw on news the most children like playing with white dolls than black dolls in including me.
Bratz are my Favorite dolls to because with the clothes and the hair.
When I play with dolls I make them say I'm prettier then you our make the blond dolls popular girls in school making them rich and more bratty then the dark hair doll.

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