Monday, May 18, 2020

Xena The Warrior Princess

Xena is about a woman that is a Warrior Princess and she Xena helps people free themselves against tyranny and injustice. She is a fighter who fights bad guys.

One time I was banging my fist on my chest my father said " Who do you think you are Xena." I said "who's Xena?" My father said "she is a warrior princess and it's a TV show."

I think you should watch Xena it's a good show to watch and I wish I was like her a lot. My dad showed me the show and I like the show 

Lucy Lawless plays Xena in this show. They should make a movie of Xena toys of Xena and a Video game of Xena.
They should make Xeno the warrior princess. That is Xena in a male version.

There show was on until  September 1995 to June 2001.John Schulian is the creator of Xena The warrior princess.

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