Saturday, January 23, 2021

Ryan Potter


Today I will be reviewing Ryan Potter. He was on The Nickelodeon show called Super Ninja's and he was also in the Disney Movie called Big Hero 6.

He was born in September 12, 1995. His parents names are James Lew and Jordanna Potter. He has his mother last name instead of his dads last name. Some children use their mothers last name instead of their dad's last name but usually people use their dads last name.

Ryan was born in Portland, Oregon.  My favorite movie that he has been in is Big Hero 6 and he does the voice of Hiro Hamada.

Ryan's character Hiro was practicing martial arts with his brother but it's never shown in Big Hero 6 I hope they show it in the next Big Hero 6 called Big hero 7. In the next Big Hero 6 maybe one of the character Named Go Go that does kick boxing can also teach Hiro some kick boxing and that is exactly what I want to see in the Next Big Hero 6.

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