Tuesday, May 18, 2021



Dr. Seuss was an American Author and he wrote children's books. But we celebrate his day which we shouldn't because hears why One day when I was in Florida I heard on the News that Dr. Seuss was very racist.

And schools and people celebrate his day which we should it because he made dark black characters like monkey's. In March 2, 1904 he was born September 24, 1991 he died. I mean Dr.Seuss made drawings that some people had to take out like those monkeys have brown fur and he made them look bad.

Dr. Seuss written books like Horton hears a who which they made a 3D cartoon movie out of that story , The Grinch Green eggs and Ham and more.

My favorite book from him growing up was Green Eggs and Ham. The Cat in the Hat was other of his characters they also made a movie about that to with real people in the movie.

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