Monday, May 3, 2021

Pooch Perfect


Pooch Perfect is a New TV show that came out in February 27, 2020. I 'm Talking about this show because on of my teachers sister in Law is on that show. My Teachers Sister in Laws Name is Corina.

Pooch Perfect is about One of The best dog groomers in the country compete in challenges with the goal of winning a giant cash prize and the coveted "Pooch Perfect" trophy. Rebel Wilson hosts and celebrities Lisa Vanderpump, Jorge Bendersky and Dr. Callie Harris act as judges.

I wish I was on TV and I was on TV some where I was on The Nickelodeon World Wide day of play. I did not see my self on TV but In the future I will see my self on TV.

And Another thing you do not know about me is My Dad was on YouTube and was on Magazine.

People have TV probably because so people can know them more and they can see them self's on screen by making money. 

I used to be not easy of people to became famous and be on TV and now it's getting easier for people to be on TV and to be famous by YouTube channels because of the technology we have and more and more people are becoming famous.

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