Monday, August 1, 2022


 Thugaboo is a Cartoon That I might of saw a long time ago and I saw it today, I do not know the show that much but I read the characters names are D-Roc,Girty, Gwenny ,Darren "DJ" Jobeley III, Dee Dee, ,Slim, Chad,Lissette ,Money, Soo young and Baby Luiz. 

I read what the characters names are but I do not know which characters is which. That is because I have never seen the show beofre. 

Now I read That it aired on Nickelodeon, I tried to look up on what character is which but it does not show you on fandom.  Like with some cartoon on fandom it shows you which character is which this show doe not show that for what every reason.

When I showed my dad this show he said " what kind of name is Thugaboo why we got to be all thugs it's not a good name for Black people." He siad some thing like that. This show is also called The Boo Crew and maybe They chanaged the shows name.

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