Saturday, September 17, 2022

The Little Mermaid Life action


We all know The Little mermaid has red hair and she  is white but this time Halle Baley that happens to be african american is playing the Little Mermaid.

But the problem is Some white people say she nots suppouse to be the Little mermaid because she is black girl.

Some White people are probably thinking that The Little mermaid is suppose to be white why they changed her to be black they thinks it's a stupid idea because oringally the Little  Mermaid is white. But come on The Little Mermaid is not a real person she is just a fantasy character any body can be played The little Mermaid.

Know I heard that on The bernie Mac show That Bernie Mac's Youngest niece want to be snow white but the teacher said she was not good enough and her aunt said " It's know because your where know good enough your not white they not going to let a black girl be snow white.

You know snow white can be played by a black girl because snow white is a fictional character. But if if was Queen Nzinga which is a real person and they let a white woman play Queen Nzinga or even Queen amina  they are changing history and that can be disrespectful. 

I I met Halle Baley I will say to her " I do not care what any body else says go ahead and be The Little Mermaid." we need black mermaids or mermaids of all people of color.

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