Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Serena Williams

 Serena Williams  is a Tennis player and she is playing tennis now on TV. Ms. Williams also studied Martial  arts when she was younger. 

My father told me and he knows because he saw the Serena Williams movie.. Ms. Serna was born in September 26, 1981.

Her siblings names are Venus Williams that is also a tennis player. She has other siblings names are Yetunde Price,Richard Williams III,Lyndrea Price,Isha Price and Ronner Williams.

Her parnets names are Oracene Price and Richard Williams. In the 1920s to1960s black peoplle where not allowed to do a lot of thing tennis included. 

Now Serena is the greastest tennis player of all time.  Some people are a fan of sports.

Like some people are a fan of The NY Nicks and others are fans of the New York Giants.

I am not a fan of any sport I a fan of cartoons  and  animation that is what I am into.

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