Sunday, April 3, 2016

Night Mares

Today I am writing about Night Mares, One night I had this bad dream about a blond hair girl with blue eye and blond hair was mean to me.

 We were pulling each others hair then I punched her in the face and gave her black eyes and a bloody face we were beating each other up but I beat her up a lot more.

Then Kuzco from the disney show Emperors new School, Fanboy from the Nickelodeon show Fanboy and Chum Chum ,Tak from nickelodeon Tak and the Power of Ju Ju.

And Nat Wolff tried to break us up they where the security guards of the celebrity building. All of the Nickelodeon and Disney Cartoons where there in my dream at that celebrity buliding.

I Hit my mother by accident my mother said "it was just a dream". Or maybe God was showing me that that girl is a real girl that I would not get along with in real life.

 Because God Knows every thing he know that people did not get along. In another a different blond hair girl was yelling at me I was yelling at her she tried to snapped my neck but I snapped her neck pulled her hair and she was screaming.

We might be able to record each others night mares in the future maybe 900 years from now or even more.

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