Friday, October 14, 2016

Cartoon Soft ware

Cartoon Soft Ware is how they make cartoons move and they give real people to do the voice of cartoons. They should have a soft ware that creators of the cartoons do not have to get all these people to do the voice of there cartoon characters.

The easier way they should do it is they draw there cartoon character on a drawing book or a piece of paper then take their cell phone and take pictures of there cartoon drawings that they drew on paper then upload or download to their computer put it on the soft ware that would make cartoons move.

The soft ware should give the cartoons voices the creator of the cartoon should write the script down what they what they character to say.

 Then choose if the you character wants a high or a deep voice then the cartoons say the script with out real people doing the voice of them.

In fact I am going to try to make a soft ware like that and put it on television. It would look like just cartoons acting silly and moving on TV except it would be the first cartoon on TV that no people doing they voice of them but it's all soft ware. It would probably or will be the most popular cartoon on Television

 On television creators of cartoons make up there own words that people that are watching the show do not know what this words are or do not know what they mean.

I make up my own words like father roaster it means a young boy who is acting like someone's father. At first I was going to say father hen but then I think over again I say wait in my mind a hen is a girl that is when father roaster came in my mind.

A mother hen means that a younger girl that is acting like someone's mother. I also make up words like sun food and moon food. And Sun food is any food that has protein or vitamin D like chicken, ham or cheese any thing that has protein.

I say that because the Sun has vitamin D. Moon food is any thing with sugar Like cookies, marshmallows, chocolate,S' mores  or any candy with sugar. The moon and the the dark make you go to sleep if you eat sugar all day that can give you a sugar crash and make you sleep that is why I call it moon food.

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