Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Demi Lovato's MMA

Demi Lovato's Loves MMA and some people say she can beat up Ronda Rousey. I heard she's only been taking MMA for a year and some people think she is going in the ring with Ronda Rousey.

 First of all you can not compare Ronda Rousey to Demi Lovato Ronda Rousey has been doing this for probably 20 years if Demi got into the ring with All of the  women and men in the UFC Lovato will get pulverized.

When people say Lovato can beat up Rousey and Lovato said " Not a chance." I agree with Demi she is to pretty to fight in a cage and actually any woman is to pretty to fight in a cage and that is why cage fighting should be banned all over the whole planet because it's dangerous.

  Demi fighting in a cage with her face all bloody and stuff will be very scary and sick because she is a very beautful woman and I do not want to see her face a bloody with scars and she might not live that long because people keep punching each other.

I weather if Demi Lovato stick to singing then fighting to make money and I do not think any body should be fighting in a cage.

I am not trying to be mean but her couch says she throws elbows better then most of the UFC guys which is impossible because she just started a little over a year and the UFC guys have been training for years.

I think her couch is just talking trash to make people scared I do not think Demi Lovato hits as hard as them or throws elbows better then the UFC guys and she should not fight in the cage with those guys and no women should because men are usually stronger then women.

I not stop Lovato for MMA she can do that if she wants but cage fighting is not a good idea for any body and actually it's the worst idea's that any person can choose and I do not care how tough you are and how long you train and how hard you train nobody should fight in a cage period.

That is why cage fighting should not exist any more forever because anybody could get hurt very bad actually cage fighting to make money to hurt other person should never existed in the first place.

Demi Let me tell you something you not bad at it you good and I saw a video that you punch Sylvester Stallon in the face he fell but he said "he slipt." If he really fell than I think your read but it's going to take you 10 or 20 years so Demi is not ready for the UFC and actually nobody can handle them selves in the UFC and no body is ready because any body could get hurt.

  I am just saying my opinion about you and I do not think it's good for you to fight in the UFC and not just you UFC fighters or any body and if people say you can beat up UFC guys and Ronda do not let any body tell you all this crap because your right those people have been training for years and you just started.

If any of your fans say you can beat then up they are liars and you should not listen to liar's and if your fans think that the devil is tell them to say that to you. And do not worry The Devil says I can beat them up to and I heard my GYM teacher I asked him do you know Ronda Rousey he said "no."

 I remember other times that he said he does know Ronda Rousey and he thinks I can win in a fight but I still know that's not true.

Demi in 20 more years we might be able to beat up Rousey but right know we can not beat her up yet. I would like to keep a secret if I know how to fight or not I do not know people to know until they mess with me all I could just say to people " It's best to leave me alone."

I do not think anybody should tell if they know how to fight on the internet because some body might pick up a gun if they saw you there's crazy people on the internet.

If it was your family and your friends you can tell you family if you want but people on the internet I weather let people know if I know how to fight or not if I were you.

If people want to be a UFC fighter they should go to a school without hurting each other and if people go in the UFC to make money I heard some people died and you do not want to be one of those people who died in a cage fight and if people are fighting in a cage that could cause damage to you muscles to you body and you might not be so strong and you want to be strong and your have to no how to take care of your muscles.

I heard people can get brain damage if they hit in the head hard enough and nobody should fight in a cage period and there are too much violence going on on this planet and it's very sad. And if people put Demi in the cage and if she gets hurt then I will yell at those couches if i ever saw them in real life because they are sick in the head if they put somebody in the cage if they learn MMA for only a little over a year.

And Demi Lovato is never going to fight in a cage with Ronda because Rousey retired from the UFC and you can not be in the UFC that long and Demi Lovato just started.

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