Monday, January 1, 2018

Sophia Grace and Rosie

Sophia Grace and Rosie are Musical artist. Rosie full name is Rosie Mcclelland and she was born in September 7, 2006 and her parents names are Danielle Brownlee and I do not know about her other parent.

Rosie was born in Essex in The united Kingdom that is in England.

 The last time I saw her videos she did not sounds like she was from England and Sophia Grace has parents and there names are Dominic Brownlee and Carly Brownlee. 

Those girls are cousins and it said Sophia has a new baby sister and Rosie has a new baby brother.

They have been on the Sophia and Grace The show and they like to have Tea Parties on their show and it seems like they like the color pink and they are very girly. I read Sophia Grace Brownlee favorite color is pink and she likes Littlest pet shop and likes Barbie dolls and she like every thing pink.

Rosie's favorite color is Orange and Pink and she like Barbies and she like cotton candy. She likes to go to Disney Land.

Her favorite foods are Cookies, Cupcakes, Cotton Candy and Mashed Potato's and Sophia Grace is favorite food is probably the same thing as her cousins our maybe even similar.

I use to like Pink and I wanted every thing in pink and I loved Barbie dolls My mother made this joke "What happened to my little girly girl that talks about pink and purple and now she talks about cage fighting!" Know my favorite color is yellow.

Because I used to be very girly I Imagined if I had children I wanted to have all girls so we can do girly stuff and know I want more boys because my mother said she thinks I want to turn my boys in to Huey and Riley from The Boondocks.


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