Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The shows I do not watch as much

Justin Time is a PBS Kids Sprout cartoon and it is about Justin and his imaginary pals go on adventures. It aired in May 2011 to June 2016.

Lets talk about Earth To Luna and I think what they mean by Luna is the moon because in Spanish Moon means Luna. 

And that show is about  a six-year-old girl named Luna who is completely, undeniably and passionately into just one thing: science! 

For Luna the earth is a giant laboratory and she dives into every new experience with boundless energy and enthusiasm! What most of us might ignore, Luna notices and becomes obsessed with until she answers the question: “Why is this happening?!”. 

Luna’s missions of discovery are both real and pretend. For example, on a particularly rainy day, Luna and Clyde imagined they were drops of water, waiting in a cloud to fall to earth as raindrops. 

In fact, there is nothing Luna won’t do or imagine to find the answers to her scientific questions! In August 2014 that is when Earth to Luna came out.

Franny's Feet is about Franny's Feet is about a girl name Franny and  she visits her Grandfather's shoe repair shop and tries on a pair of shoes. The shoes take her on an adventure related to the shoes (for example, if she tries on shoes from ancient Egypt, she will go to ancient Egypt). The show is aimed at children 3 to 7. That show came out in 2004 to April 2010.

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