Saturday, July 20, 2019

Ed Jackson

My dad works for Ed Jackson. Ed Jackson plays Jazz Before my dad did not know him know my dad knows him.

Ed Jackson has a son and a wife and I do not know when he was born.  Adriana Jackson is his wife.

Jackson Room, has come a long way since it's crowds of a dozen or more people have evolved into two sellout shows every last Saturday of the month called "Month's End Jazz Motivations."

  "My wife Adriana, has been invaluable in keeping Jackson Room, going through out the years.  She has been the glue holding our efforts together" states Ed Jackson.  There have also been some sobering and challenging times like the passing away of Ed Jackson's brother the talented bassist Dave Jackson.

A Jackson Room attendee Shanna Johnson proclaimed "You never know what is gonna happen at the Jackson Room. On January 28th, 2017 you had to be there. I'm still aglow and excited. Saadi Zain and his Talking Basses, Jerome Jennings and his Mean rhythmic Drum beats and James Weidman tickling the Ivories. There was also 3 Guest Singers that made the evening sensational. Lets not forget about Ed Jackson who tore the house down on Sax!!!"

Another Jackson Room fan Eric Freeman, stated "Hey family have I ever told you guys about " The Jackson Room "? The Jackson Room is the culmination of a dream of Ed and Dave Jackson, two Jamaica Funk Kats that have traveled the world , showing what Jamaica Funk and Jazz is all about !!! Dave passed away a few years ago but Ed is keeping the music we all love alive. Check out the FB page, " Like " and " Follow."

Truly, greatness and brilliance has been displayed at Jackson Room jazz performances over the years. And we hope they will continue to grow and dazzle with their jazz music for many years to come.  To RSVP for the 10 pm show go to

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