Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Kings and Queens and our country

Well the 4th of July is about England was not fair to america so they choice to fight back England. That is why we have democracy  that means we have freedom, fairness and we will be treat equal.

Lets talk about our country other countries did not Know the east cost until they got there and that is when the 13 states came alone also called the 13 colonies.

They did not know the west cost back the my teacher said " Those states did not exist back then it was just land." Well they exist back then but those states did not have names back then. That is what The 4th of July is about.

Our country is better then England in my opinion because our country in more fair and England has Kings and Queens and in that country you have to be born a Prince or Princess.  I always asked it the duke and duchess the aunt and the uncle and I was right.

But things do get harder to understand so For example the King and Queen get married and They have a Prince and they have a second prince and if the first prince dies the second prince will be king but if the first prince in still alive and has a child the second prince shall never be king so they call him a Duke.

Lets say if the First and second prince both die with out having children and the King and Queen have a Princess and The princess shall never be Queen so they call her a Duchess. My teacher said
something like that.

Our country is better because lets say you married and you want a divorce you can do that in America but not in England because they say you have to be with that person who you are married to.

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