Saturday, July 20, 2019

Lali The Clown


Clowning is an art, which takes dedication and spirit. Curly is a wonderful clown who loves to work with children.

 Curly has been entertaining children for over 11 years! She is a member of the World Clown Association. 

Curly the clown is also the secretary of the New York Clown Alley a group of about 35 of the most professional clowns in New York. 

 Curly The clown gets a lot of experience and training from clown conventions. For many years Curly the clown has been taking part in classes and special training conventions to perfect the art of clowning.

 Curly has traveled to New Mexico to attend a 5 day convention and was fortunate to be able to train with the worlds best clowns. 

 Every year in September Curly attends the Clownfest Convention in New Jersey with hundreds of other clowns from all over the world. 

Curly is a professional because she enjoys the art of bringing smiles to the faces of all she entertains! Curly the clown speaks English and Spanish. I never heard a clown speaking Spanish before

I met Lali The Clown today. Lali was hanging out with children and they did the parachute thing. Lali's friend name is curly the clown.

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