Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Elena of Avalor

 Elena of Avalor is about Elena that happens to be a Princess that has saved her magical kingdom, Avalor, from an evil sorceress and must learn to rule as its crown princess. Elena's adventures will lead her to understand that her new role requires thoughtfulness, resilience and compassion.

Elena Avalor started as a doll I think and then it became a TV show. I Said that because I first saw the doll first and then it became a TV show.

In July 22, 2016 they had their first episode and there last episode was in August 2020 it did not say what day in August. 

When I cartoon comes out it usually says what month what day and what year it came out. Craig Gerber is the creator of that cartoon.

Elena of Avalor was on the channel called Disney Junior. I love watching cartoons but I hope you guys like my post and I hope you guys can watch this show.

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