Thursday, April 8, 2021

Marvel Comics and DC Comics

I know the Marvel comics are very popular I do not know the popular shows or movies that well because I feel like enough people know them all ready I usually know every thing about un popular show and I am interested in them more because  most people do not know about them and somebody got to know about them because what if that show goes out o business. 

I am into un popular shows more because I would like to know about them and a lot of people do not know about them.

I do not a lot about them. In these days people watch movies of Marvel comics and in my Dad's times they actually have to read Marvel Comics so my dad said to me today "I know a lot more about Marvel Comics then you think."

I might not know a lot about marvel comic's but I know how to draw them and I have a  dad  that knows a lot about them. I thought my uncle on my mom's side work for Marvel comic's but actually he works for DC Comics.

Their is a few Marvel Comic characters I know about but I do not know every thing about them. I know The Hulk, Super Man ,Spider Man, Wonder Woman,Black Widow, Wolverine ,Iron Man, and The Thing. Their was a Marvel comic that became a movie on Disney and then became a TV show and that I know Every thing about and that was Big Hero 6.

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