Sunday, August 14, 2022

Hair Spray

 Hairspray is a movie about rascitism and it is a Musical. In the movie Black people where not allowed on TV so that movie teaches people how the south really was in real life. Tracy is one of the main chratcers in the movie at first she wanted to be on TV like the kids in her school be her mother wanted her to do laundry instead.

But Tracy is one Tv in the movie later on and she was competing with Amber then mean girl that bullied Tracy.

Tracy had brown hair and brown eye while Amber has Blond hair and blue eye. Amber mother is a racist and Tracy Best friend Penny has a crush on a black boy and Penny's mom is a racist to.

I think this is a good movie to watch because is a musical but it teaches people about Balcks and white can not eat at the same resterants go to the same bathrooms are even go to the same schools. Their is the New Hair spray and The old  Hair Spray.

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