Monday, November 2, 2015

Cara Delevingne

I am writing about today is Cara Delevingne. She was in the movie Paper Towns with my favorite celebrity Nat Wolff.

 In that movie she was in I was jealous because she kissed him in that movie my father said "it's all right Lon Nat is going to kiss girls in movie that dose not mean that is his real girlfriend".

Delevingne was born in August 12, 1992 in London, United Kingdom. Her parents are Charles Hamar Delevingne and Pandora Delevingne.

I saw Paper Towns not to long ago maybe 9 mouths ago that is my favorite movie because Nat Wolff is in it Every movie with Nat Wolff in it it's my favorite movie.

I also read she is in the movie Pan That was the story about Peter Pan. But real people where in the movie their was a cartoon called
Peter Pan.

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