Friday, November 20, 2015

Thomas Ian Griffith

Thomas Ian Griffith was in The Karate Kid He played the mean man in that movie name terr Slivers.

 He was also in the movie Excessive Force and Mr. Troop Mom that was written by Thomas. My favorite male Celebrity Nat Wolff was singing in the movie and my one of my favorite female celebrity's Laine MacNeil was in that movie.

 Mr. Griffin was born in March 18, 1962 in Hartford Connecticut. His parents are Thomas Joseph Griffith and Mary Ann Griffith. In The old Karate Kid Mr. Thomas played the boys mean Karate teacher.

I read Just now That Thomas Ian Griffith has 2 children But it did not say what their names are maybe he wants to keep he's children's name a secret.

Thomas Ian Griffith I hope you like my blog that I wrote about you and other celebrity's and cartoons from Disney channel and Nickelodeon have a very happy Thanks Giving.

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