Friday, April 12, 2019

Antz and Bug Life

I used to watch Antz and Bugs Life when I was younger. In the movie Bugs Life there are talking Bugs in the movie and Antz has talking ant in the movie as well

Antz is about the Ant named Z the worker ant (Woody Allen) strives to reconcile his own individuality with the communal work-ethic of the ant colony.

He falls in love with ant-Princess Bala (Sharon Stone), Z strives to make social inroads, and then must save the ant colony from the treacherous scheming of the evil General Mandible (Gene Hackman) that threaten to wipe out the entire worker population.

Bugs Life is about  Flik (Dave Foley) is an inventive ant who's always messing things up for his colony. His latest mishap was destroying the food stores that were supposed to be used to pay off grasshopper Hopper (Kevin Spacey). 

Now the strong-arming insect is demanding that the ants gather double the food -- or face annihilation. To avert disaster, Flik goes on a journey to recruit fighters to defend the colony. When he meets a band of high-flying circus insects, he thinks he's found his salvation.

In Bug Life I saw a Spider made a big thick web in the movie and black widow spiders probably do that in real life to.

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