Thursday, April 11, 2019

Gordan Ramsey

Gordan Ramsey was on a cooking TV show and he yells at people who do not cook write.

My culinary arts teachers meet him and one of my class mates said that " You act like Gordan Ramsey." My Culinary arts teachers was not happy.

Gordan was born in  November 8, 1966 Johnstone, Scotland in and his children's names are Holly Anna Ramsay,Matilda Ramsay,Jack Scott Ramsay and Megan Jane Ramsay.

Gordan Ramsey is a great cook and he talks in a British accent. My culinary arts teachers shows us video of him on his TV screen in school.

Ramsey's spouse is Tana  Hutcheson Ramsay. His parents names are Gordon James Ramsay Sr. and Helen Cosgrove.

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