Saturday, November 23, 2019


Maisy was a cartoon that I used to watch and it was on Nick Jr. Maisy is a Mouse and That show is  Based on the popular kids picture books by Lucy Cousins, "Maisy" features a curious young mouse and her friends as they embark on simple adventures. 

In every episode, Maisy and her friends try new things and learn, and her discoveries help her deal with the world around her.

 Though the characters don't speak, the narrator understands their noises and communicates with them, explaining the stories to viewers. Maisy's adventures are designed to teach children lessons, such as sharing and simple problem solving.

Maisy first episode was in February 11, 1999 and their final episode was in November 2, 2000. I thought they last episode was in 2006. The creator of Maisy is Lucy Cousins.

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