Friday, March 3, 2023

Bino and Fino

 When I first saw Bino and Fino it was a video on Youtube that shows different cartoons from different countries.

I did not know about Bino and Fino at first becuase the show only aired in Africa and it was on Nickelodeon and on Disney channel but I have never saw it on those channel because it aired on those channel only in Africa.

This cartoon is good in a way it teaches kids about African Culture. But the anition and the cartoon the way the drew it is not so good I think they could of done better with the drawing.

My dad said they did the best they could and they need to start some where to get it out there. In my opinion it's not the best they could do because the 2D drawing could of looked better. I not saying the draw looks horrible I am saying it just does not look all that great in my opinion.

But its one of the best educational cartoons that teaches you about African History and culture that is becuase it's in africa.

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