Saturday, March 4, 2023


 Pinkalicious was one of my favorite books growing up. This story is about a Little girl who is obsessed with the color pink. I know grown women on Youtube who are obsessed with pink I wonder if they would Like the Book Pinkalicious.

My favorite color used to by pink and purple since I was 3 years old I was obsessed with pink and purple.

I read the Pinkkalicous Books growning up and my favorite Pinkalicious book was when Pinkalicious ate too many pink cupcakes and the girl turned pink and she was happy about and the doctor said to her parents  she has to eat green food to go back to normal.

Then it became a TV show on PBS Kids. The episode when Pinkalicious ate too many pink cupcakes they made a episode about it and more episodes that was in the book. Victoria and Elizabeth Kann are the authors of this book.

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