Sunday, March 5, 2023

Nickelodeon Kids Choice Wards since 1987 - 2023 and far into the future

March 28,1987 That is when Nickeloden Kids Choice Awards first started. I saw Chole and Halle Baley and The Ninja Kids On The Nickelodeon KCA's.

I was on Nickelodeon World Wide day of play a while back when I was 14. I hope in the future I  can be on Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards of my cartoons and artwork and singing and also animations. I watch The Nickeldoen Kcas which is short for Kids choice awrds when I was a girl.

I always knew When Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards was coming out but now I did not know it came out yesterday until I read on the internet on Youtube.

I do not have Disney Kids choices awards or Disney world wide day of play I wish they did because not every body is into Nickelodeon Kcas or Nickelodeon worldwide day of play or Nickelodeon period.

They should have Nickelodeon land and Nickeloden world who ever is not intreasted in Disney land and Disney world. or if they like both channel they coudl have Nickeloden and Disney Kids choice Awards and Nickelodeon and Disney World Wide day of play.


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