Saturday, March 11, 2023

Bob The Builder old vs new


Bob The Builder was a show that I watch when I was younger and I heard from somone that I met that The Old Bob the Builder is better then the New Bob the builder.

For example the new Bob the buildier looks more like a disney animated movie and the old Bob the build looks like they used clayed.

I do not know which is better but if I have to choose what looks better is the new Bob The Builder but as far how good the show is I do not know because I only watch the original Bob The Builder.

They don't just do that with this show they do that with other show too like The Fairly odd parents and Spongebob.

I think they are trying to make the shows better but is just not good enough for the fans because they like the older episodes of Bob The Builder better then the new episodes.

This show came out in April 12, 1999 that is there first episode. The creator of this show is Keith Chapman.

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