Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Lizzy Howell

 Lizzy Howell is a Ballerina and a dancer. I first saw her on the Dhar Mann Videos. In the videos she was getting picked on because they think she was to overweight to be a ballerina. Size and weight does not matter it's what Technique matters and how much practice you do.

My mom write her a email on face book. She is the best ballerina dancer I have ever saw. I heard on the Dhar  Mann Video that she lives with her aunt. and her father left her when she was younger and her mother died in a car accident. 

I also heard that she has fluid around the  brain and she get very bad headaches and she take medicine that makes her gain weight. I feel very sorry for her but the good news is she over came her challenges.  She was born in May 9,2001.

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