Wednesday, November 3, 2021


 SSSniperWolf was on Dhar and for what I know she is and gamer. She is also a Youtuber.I think she puts up all kinds of videos like Dr.Phil Or the most  spoiled and baddest kids in the world.

I do not know her until I watch the Dhar Mann Videos.  She was born in October 22, 1992   in the United Kingdom. It her accident sound like she was born in America. 

Alia Shelesh is her real and full name SSSniperWolf must be her stage name or her internet namer. Like I have a Stage name it's Lon stein or Nzinga Lon Stein Austin and I am not telling any body my real name because I do not want any body to find me me because that is how people find people easier.

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