Thursday, November 18, 2021

Karma's world


Karma's World is another African American character on Netflix.  My father asked "are there any more Black cartoons on Netflix?" 

This animation reminds me of Motown Magic because it has music in the cartoon.  Ludacris, the hip hop star turned actor is the creator of this cartoon.  I don't know this show that well but Karma Grant, is one of the main characters in the show and also her brother Keys Grant.

Keys Grant, reminds me of the Ben Love character of Motown Magic. This show came out in October 5, 2021. And also looks like a great cartoon for kids to watch.

This show I think is similar to Motown Magic, because it has the cartoons singing.  And also there is music.  But the difference is Motown Magic showcases Motown music while on the other hand Karma's World seems to feature more hip hop music.

1 comment:

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