Sunday, November 14, 2021

Baymax The series 2022


Baymax is a upcoming 3D cartoon on Disney +. I wonder what the new characters names are going to be. And I hope my favorite character Hiro is in that new Baymax Series because he is the one who programed Baymax.

Hiro's older brother was the first person to create Baymax. I know that in the Baymax trailer I saw Hiro in the first part of the trailer and that was the part of the old movie of Big Hero 6 in 2014. 

It showed us the old version and the new version Hiro was not in the trailer and I wonder why. I guess the show is more about Baymax Helping people.

They should put Hiro on the show because he is the one who programed Baymax. After Baymax The series hopefully they will be a Big Hero 7 the movie in 2022 be the movie was never confirmed. I guess they made Baymax the sersies because most people like Baymax and Baymax is their favorite character.

How ever Baymax is not my favorite character in the Big Hero 6 movie because he is just a Robot and you always make robots if they get destroyed and sometime the robot can break to. That is why Hiro is my favorite character because he programed his robot.

I feel that just because Hiro is not in the trailer of Baymax series does not mean he not going to be in the show. Hopefully Hiro Hamada is in the new Baymax series but we do not know until it comes out.

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