Thursday, November 2, 2017

Advertisement and real life

In Advertisement there are black celebrities but they look lighter on the advertisement and in real life they look darker.

Me and my class mates were learning that in technology class one day. And I told the teacher that happens to be a white person when I said " that sound racists."

She said " it has nothing to do with being racists they are trying to make the black celebrities prettier that is what most white people say. "The advertisement is saying were trying to make the black celebrities to look prettier if they are lighter why not darker you know why because we live in a white society.

For example I can put on my advertisement that I have ever black celebrity look darker on advertisement.

There is a lot of black people that agree with me that it has to do with racist. A lot  of white people say to me "Maybe the black celebrities want to look white on advertisement." yeah because if any of those black celebrities want to look lighter on advertisement that means they are brain washed by this society.

Or maybe black celebrities do not want to look lighter on advertisement maybe they bosses tell them they have to and that's wrong if they bosses do that.

I say to white people " You a int black so you do not know." and they call me rasit's it's probably not just me it's any black person that tries to say there opinion about black celebrities in advertisement and real life.

And white people have to say black people are racist and white people were racist to black people first for no reason and that is because they think they were better then us because there hair was straighter and they skin was lighter and if white people just keep there opinion's to them slaves racist and Jim Crow and all of that has to do with slavery would not exist.

Know most creators of cartoons draw there cartoon characters to be mostly white people with blue eyes and blond hair because that is what society wants.

I not going to give society what they want I draw white,black, Asian, Native, Indian's and Haspainic's I draw cartoon's in all ethnic groups.

It's like Mcdonald's food looks better on Advertisement then in real life but still the food taste good.

This video is a example of what I am talking about of Ad's and in Real life

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