Friday, November 10, 2017

Harriet Tubman

Today will be talking about Harriet Tubman. She was born in march 1822 in the state Mary land  but it does not say the day she was born because  they did not have more modern stuff as now.

 Tubman Died on March 10,1913 in the state New York.

Mrs. Tubman was in the fire she was afraid and brave at the same time in my own opinion she lead black people to the now because Ms.Harriet wanted people to treat black people with respect.

She was beating by a white women when she was a child a lot of white people had more guns than black people when Harriet was married her last name changed into Tubman. When I saw the movie when she got married she jumped over the rope because probably that is another way to get married besides kissing.

They called Harriet a women called Moses because she said "let my people go" let Moses of the prince of Egypt was a man when I was a toddler I thought that was just a cartoon  not real but I asked my Father he said "Moses was a real person" I also spoke to my father did Moses died than he said yes.

Let it says in the bible in the old days people use to live up to 200 years now these days people only live up to 100 probably because more people are using cars to dirty up the air and trees are getting sicker because some people do not respect this planet.

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