Friday, November 10, 2017

Mona Lisa

Today will be talking about Mona Lisa. She was born in June 15 1479 her birth named was Lisa Gherardini Mona was born in the country in Convent of Saint Orsola,Florence,Italy.

 There are drawings of Mona Lisa She died in July 1542 or 1551.

 One time I saw one the video that people draw a really good picture of Lisa outside on the black top the artist drawer with chalk.

 Mona's children were Piero del GiocondoSuor Beatrice
(Camilla del Giocondo) Andrea del Giocondo Giocondo del Giocondo Suor Ludovica (Marietta del Giocondo).

Mona Lisa's parent are Antonmaria di Noldo Gherardini Lucrezia del Caccia.

I asked my teachers was Mona an actress, movie star,director or a singer they said she was just a pretty girl that people drawer of her.

I draw every thing my father said my drawing are getting better or getting good as the cartoon's on television.

Some times my father says to me I am really getting good with cartoons my father also says my drawings look better than some of the cartoon's on the internet I even draw Mona Lisa I know how to draw every thing I stared drawing for 9 years since 3 years old to now when I was in Pre-K I use to draw stick figures now I draw more realistic cartoon characters that I created.

Now what do with my stick figure drawing's that I created when I was 3 now I though than in the trash because my drawing's are getting to be like the cartoons on television I want my cartoons to be very popular.

There where not big celebrity's like 2015 because they did not have cameras ,computers or television back in the 1800's.

I said to my school teacher did Mona speak English they said no she just spoke Italian 

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