Friday, November 10, 2017

Chris Savino

Chris Savino I heard grew up with 5 brother and 5 sisters He has sisters named Lana , Luan ,Lori or Lisa. In my opinion his siblings last names happen to be Savino.

Chris Savino was born in October 2, 1971 in Royal Oak Michingan.

Mr.Chris is the creeator of this cartoon The Loud House in his children Hood the house was always loud That is why he calls that show The Loud House.

Mr. Savino gave the cartoon charters names Lisa, Luan, Lori and Lana Loud. Savino Named those cartoon characters after his sisters except the last names or different The cartons last names are Loud and Chris Sister Last Names happened to be Savino.

 He Made this cartoon boy Lincoln with his 10 sisters Lincoln Loud other sister's Names are Lola, Lily, Leni, Lucy and Lynn.

I have A cartoon similar to his but they are going to say Different word My cartoon show that is coming up in the future is called 10 boys one point it's about a young girl that happens to be the youngest with ten older brothers that bully her because she is the only girl in the house.

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