Friday, November 10, 2017

Ruby Dee

Today will be talking about Ruby Dee. She was born in October 27,1922 in the state Cleveland Ohio.

Her parents where Marshall Edward Nathaniel Wallace and her mother was Gladys Hightower I say to my self I think Ruby Dee's parent are dead because when Dee was alive she was in her 80s.

Mrs. Ruby did the voice of the cartoon of Little's Bill"s grandmother on Nick.Jr channel that was created by Bill Cosby.

 I heard that he Rapes women my father spoke to me about that Bill Cosby is sick in the head and I thought he was a nice man but now In my opinion he is a creep.

When Ruby Dee Died it made me very very sad and I cried she is in a much better  place up in heaven she died in June 11, 2014 in New York my father spoke that Ruby died probably because she was getting older.

My father when he was younger use to design cloth then Dee came in to he's store and tried them on I am happy to have a father who knows celebrity's and work's for them he said Ruby Dee was a very nice women I want to meet her but now she is deceased.

There are a lot of celebrity's in New York that why I like to walk to places where there is a lot of famous people that is probably why one of the reason's my father thinks I am going to be come famous because he work for famous people and celebrity's.

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