Friday, November 10, 2017

Jamie Lynn Spears And Britney Spears

Today will be talking about Jamie Lynn Spears.

 She was born in April 4 1991.

Spears was on the show Zoey 101 on Nickelodeon.

Her parents are Jamie Spears and Lynne Spears.

Jamie's older sister Britney Spears is one of the world's most popular artists and singers on K.T.U Radio, her birth name it stated on Wikipedia was Britney Jean.

 One time I asked my parents, when I was a lot younger,  "is Jamie Lynn Spears the Aunt of Britney's children. "then my parents said "yes."

And her sister Britney Spears was born in December 2 1981. When I was 3 to 9 years old I watched Britney Spears music videos.  At that time my father said they "are to fresh and more for 18 year old's or other teens."   Now I watch her music videos more.

When I watched a fresh music video one time my father said  "are  you trying to dance like them?"  I said no.

One time I would like to meet Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears in concert, or in the state of California (like in Hollywood or Nevada)  I would and like to live close to Las Vegas one day.

I wanted to be a celebrity or famous women for years now.  This blog has over 60 posts already and my father is going to give me ads to make income.  On day I'd like to be a trillionaire and rich.

On my Blog, about celebrities, I do 85% of the work and my dad helps to edit and correct my grammar.

I do most of my own blog by myself -  getting the pictures, doing the research, and typing a lot of words.

At my father's job he works for famous jazz artist.  He also takes images of famous jazz celebrities.

One time I sang on stage and people gave me money, because that is what celebrity's get if people like or enjoy their music.   At my fathers job they was a jazz artist that once worked with Whitney Huston.    His  sang that song I spoke to her about my favorite celebrity's and cartoon's.

And one time my parent said Britney Spears saved all of her hair before then I was younger I thought I did not see it know I see the video on You Tube.

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