Saturday, July 7, 2018

Chocolate chip cookies

Ruth Graves Wakefield was the inventor of the first chocolate chip. I heard that the first chocolate chip cookie was made by accident.

 Miss Ruth was born in June 17, 1903, East Walpole, MA she dies in Died: January 10, 1977, Jordan Hospital, Plymouth, MA.

Her parents names are  Helen Vest Jones Graves and Fred Luther Graves.

 Her children's names are  Kenneth Donald Wakefield Jr. and Mary Jane Wakefield. Her spouse name is Kenneth Donald Wakefield.

In thousands of years in the future the kitchen machines will be able to mix cookie dough's and then role the cookies and put them in the oven. 

The oven door will open automatically and The oven tray inside of the oven will come out automatically the machine will put the cookie on top of the oven tray.

 And the oven tray will go in automatically and the oven door will close automatically and the oven will automatically turn on and the oven will automatically set the timer for how long the cookies should be really baked. 

After the cookies are done the oven will automatically turn off and the oven door will automatically open and the oven tray will automatically come out of the oven and put the cookies on the counter.

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