Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The cartoon channel companies

The Channel companies like Disney Channel was created by Walt Disney and Walt Disney was racist he just made white characters with mostly blond hair and blue eyes. I heard that from a girl at my old school.

Walt Disney created Black cartoon character there were more like caricatures. The caricature were like when white artist where racist they where trying to say black people where clowns because black people had broad noses and thick lips.

If white people with red hair say that we can say back to them "you look like a clown with you red hair."

The Company Walt Disney has been around for 94 years it was first created in October 16, 1923 that is when the company was born.

Lets talk about Nickledeon I thought is was owned by Disney but is really owned by Viacom Nickelodeon has been around for 40 years and it was created in December 1, 1977. It was a movie theater at first I heard and now it's a channel.

And Nick Jr. I think was after Nickeoldeon The different between Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. is Nickelodeon has more violet cartoons and Nick Jr. has more educational cartoon for children in Pre-K.

PBS Kids Spourt is now called Universal Kids and it first came out in 2004 and it's about 14 years old the company.

Cartoon Network was founded and first created in October 1, 1992 so that company has been around for 26 years.

PBS Kids was created in 1999 to 2005 so that company is 19 years old.  Disney XD was first created February 13, 2009 that was 9 years ago.

Disney Jr. was Launched and created in  February 14, 2011 that was 7 years ago. and Adult Swim was created in 2001 so it's 17 years. Boomerang was created in December 8, 1992. Discovery family also called Hub was created in October 7, 1996 that was 21 years ago.

Show the channel company family tree Cartoon Network is the father of Disney Jr. and Disney Jr. has some teen aunts and uncles PBS Kids PBS Kids Spourt and Boomrang and Adult Swim also Hub.

Disney XD is the older brother of Disney Jr. Nickelodeon is the grandfather or the grandmother and Disney is the great grand father because it's been around for 94 years.

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