Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Money and buying a house or buying stuff at a store

Before there was money there was something like this for example. Lets say you want to get some clothes you will give the person food or water that is how to was back then. That is just the way the government works.

People have to get pay if they work if they work for free that is called slavery hopefully in the future the stuff that we need will be free like food and water will be free. Lets say you have to buy a house these days.

Maybe people should go online and click on the website which house they want and whats there name and how long they want to living in the house and houses will be free hopefully.

The electric and water bills you have to pay of taking care of your house hopefully in the future
electricity and the water will be free and the machines will give any body more electricity water and clothes of food.

Lets say you want to buy some thing from the store hopefully you can type on line what you want to buy  and type in your email address and the store machines will put the food and water inside the store tunnel.

 And the store tunnel will make sure that your food is clean finally the store tunnel will shoot the food into you house tunnel and the house tunnel will shoot the food inside of the house.

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