Monday, July 16, 2018

George Crum

George Crum was an american chief and he made French fries at first but they were not crunchy enough for people so he created the potato chips and every body liked them and Some sources suggest that the family lived in Ballston Spa or Malta.

 George Crum was born in  July 15, 1824, in New York and he died in July 22, 1914 in Malta New York. His parents names are Abraham Crum and Diana Tull.

Mr. George children's names it does not say but he was Born by the name of George Speck in 1822 in Saratoga Lake, New York, that was his real name Mr. Crum has an African American father and Native American mother, and he is a member of the Huron tribe.

 He professionally adopted the name "Crum," as it was the name his father used in his career as a jockey.

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