Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Arcade

The arcade is a video game place The video game I played was a car racing gaming and on the screen it say automatically that means the game was going to drive for you automatically.

 For example it was like a car racing game that you sit in the chair and you look on the video game screen and theirs the car and if you turn the wheel the car on the screen will turn.

 These days usually if you want to play a game in the arcade you have to pay for the game to play it.

On the trip I went on Monday to summer school we went to an arcade and the video games were free you did not have to put coins into those video game machine all you have to do was press the start button.

I did not know there was an arcade like that I thought all arcade you have to put the coins into the machines to play the game.

We need more arcades like this one because it's a special arcade and nobody should get reed of this arcade.

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