Monday, March 25, 2019

Cars and Planes

Cars and Planes are two different Disney cartoon movies The difference between those movies is There are talking Cars in the Cars Movies and Talking Planes in the Planes Movies. There are created by the same creator.

If there where talking Planes and Cars that have eyes and a mouth in Real Life those will be called Plane Bots and Cars Bots.

Car Bots are Have robot and half car and Plane Bots are Half Plane and Half Robot.

 Those cars do not exist in real life only in fantasy. Any car,plane or trains in fantasy that have a mouth and eyes are robots that look like cars,planes or any vehicle.

Cars the movie first came out in June 9, 2006. Planes came out in August 9, 2013. 

I believe that only cartoon characters that are animals or human are living in fantasy but not talking car with eyes and a mouth because I believe those cars and planes are robots in fantasy.

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