Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Little Mermaid

In Disney's beguiling animated romp, rebellious 16-year-old mermaid Ariel (Jodi Benson) is fascinated with life on land.

On one of her visits to the surface, which are forbidden by her controlling father, King Triton, she falls for a human prince.

Determined to be with her new love, Ariel makes a dangerous deal with the sea witch Ursula (Pat Carroll) to become human for three days. But when plans go awry for the star-crossed lovers, the king must make the ultimate sacrifice for his daughter.

I had a Little Mermaid Play Jr. in my school and I think I saw another Little Mermaid play with my mom and their should also be a movie called The Little Merman.  The Little Merman name was in my head for a very long time.

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