Saturday, March 2, 2019

Two and Half men

Two and a Half Men is about Chiropractor and a  father that is singled his name is Alan Harper lives in a beachfront house with divorced Internet billionaire Walden Schmidt, who bought the house following the untimely death of Alan's brother, Charlie.

 As they acclimate to their living arrangement, the tightly wound Alan finds himself taking on a mentor role with Walden, whose lifelong dependence on being taken care of has left him a bit naive.

 Despite his unsuccessful romantic history, Alan also tries to help Walden overcome his limited experiences with dating. Berta, a sharp-tongued, unapologetic housekeeper, is also featured in the series.

They call it two and a half men because their are two men and a little boy in the show. Their should also be a show two and a half women and the show will be called that because their are two women and a little girl in that show may be I should created that show but I have to ask the creators if I can name my show that but the show is going to be a lot different from Two and a Half Men. The creator of that show is Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn.

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